Dog was set to be adopted, then his adopters backed out

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Ardmore, OK – An adorable dog named Peesir was prepared to go home with his adopter this week, but at the last moment, everything fell apart. According to the Ardmore Animal Care shelter, Peesir’s adopters decided that they no longer wanted him. On Monday, the shelter said:

Well.. bad news.. We contacted Peesir’s adopter today for pick up after being neutered and they decided they didn’t want him anymore. 🤷🏼‍♀️ This peebody boy is looking for a home, again! 💛

You may wonder why this adorable pooch has such an abnormal name. Well, it is a name that provides some insight as to why his would-be adopters may have changed their minds. Peesir has some pee issues…the animal welfare agency explains:

Peesir, pronounced “pee-sēr” is a non house trained, super sweet, pee-pee king; in other words, he likes to mark. 💛😵‍💫

But Peesir is young (just under a year of age) and he was recently neutered, which may help his “marking” propensity. He has many glowing attributes:

He is wonderful with children, big and small! 🥰 Good with other dogs and didn’t seem to mind cats when walked through our nursery. He came to us as a stray found and did his time, now he’s ready to shine in a new home and make it his own.

This social pup deserves a loving home – from a family who won’t back out on him at the last minute. Please share his information and help him find a home for the holidays! All inquiries must be made directly to the animal shelter. The Pet Rescue Report is not the point of contact and the shelter will have the latest information about availability.


Shelter location – 321 Carol Brown Blvd., Ardmore, OK

Phone: 580-223-7070

Shelter website here.

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