Dog bodies found in discarded dog food bags

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Animal control officers in Dorchester County, South Carolina, are investigating after the disturbing discovery of dead dogs, stuffed in old dog food bags, in Ridgeville. Someone discarded the deceased dogs in dog food bags along Wright Road, and area residents are appalled.

Crystal Perez, who lives in the area, tells Live 5 News:

About three weeks ago, I saw a bag and saw two dogs sticking out of it. And I didn’t know if they were puppies or grown dogs, and they were in a black dog food bag. And then two weeks later, there was another bag with another dog sticking out…this is getting out of control.


We have a lot of kids on this road, and I don’t want them to see things like that. So it’s disgusting.

Animal control hopes to find whoever is behind the dog dumpings and asks for anyone with information contact them at (843) 832-0015.

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