22-year-old stray taken in at shelter, owners told city he was ‘deceased’

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Los Angeles, CA – On October 23, an elderly dog named Filbert was taken in as a stray at a Los Angeles Animal Services shelter facility. Thanks to a microchip, the staff knew his true age – 22 years!! They also had his owner information, but his family inexplicably registered him as deceased with the city.

Fortunately, Filbert’s story did not end at the shelter. The PAWerful Rescue took him under its wing and they intend to show him the best that life has to offer in the twilight of his life. On November 3, the animal welfare agency wrote:

This sweet old man still has a lot of miles left on his tires!
He walked out of the shelter like a boss!

Sharing a few details they have learned about his past:

Filbert came into the shelter as a stray with a “possible owner” because he had a registered microchip.
A few days before Filbert arrived at the shelter, his owners contacted the city and registered him as a deceased animal. 🤔
Shelter called, emailed multiple times letting them know that their animal had arrived at the shelter. And they did not return any of their calls.
Filbert waited two weeks at that shelter for his family.

Filbert was taken to a veterinarian who found multiple masses on his body and determined that he has arthritis and a double ear infection. But he is receiving treatment and will feel better soon! The agency said:

We are hoping that with pain management, anabiotics, good food, an extremely comfortable bed, and tons of love, Filbert will have a lot quality time left with us!
We are so excited to start checking somethings off his bucket list!
Help us in welcoming Filbert to the crew! We will be sharing his long term hospice family in the next few days. 💕🐶

Follow Filbert’s adventures at this link to the shelter’s Facebook page.

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