1700 shelter dogs slaughtered by Iranian officials

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More than 1,700 homeless shelter dogs were ruthlessly slaughtered by officials with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Sources report that the dogs were massacred at a shelter near Tehran. Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist, Tweeted:

The ruthless regime in Iran has raided a dog shelter and killed more than 1700 stray dogs protected by volunteers. Very few dogs survived. This volunteer woman in tears holds a dead dog and says “This was the most vulnerable & obedient one”

Iranian-American journalist and human rights expert Banafsheh Zand told The Jerusalem Post:

“The [Ali] Khomeinist regime’s main reason for incessant killing and promoting the culture of cruelty to animals is another way of depriving the Iranian people of joy or comfort that animals bring to humans. It’s the old-fashioned irrational methods of control imposed by the authorities in the USSR or the Chinese Communist Party.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, dogs were recently declared “dirty” by the state’s clergy and it is illegal to walk dogs in parks in and around Terhan.

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