Video shows man dragging dog, kicking kennel, and throwing things at dog, but gets to keep dog

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Update 2/24/2021: Animal Rescue League of Iowa has updated Facebook followers about this case, writing:

ZAC BROOKS/ECHO UPDATE: The Dallas County Attorney has confirmed he has taken the first steps to determine if Echo can be permanently removed from Zac Brooks’ home!

An Iowa man is facing charges after a neighbor captured disturbing video footage showing cruel treatment of a dog. As reported by KCCI News, Zac Brooks of Waukee, is charged with a misdemeanor count of animal neglect, but he will not lose possession of his dog, Echo.

The video footage shows Brooks dragging his pup by the collar, kicking her kennel, and throwing wood at the pup. But officers with the Waukee police department checked the puppy from head to tail and found no injuries. Waukee police Sgt. Mackenzie Sposeto explained:

They let the dog out of the kennel dog ran around was wagging his tail, they actually sat down and checked the entire dog from head to tail,” said Sposeto. “There’s no signs of injuries, no trauma of any sort that they could see. He was greeting the owner and running around in circles. So they said, here’s what we’re going to ask of you. You are going to have to bring the dog inside – it is cold, and then make sure the dog has food and water.”

Brooks told KCCI that he was frustrated at his pup for chewing up “expensive blinds,” but he claims that he has never hurt her.

On Tuesday, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa commented on the case, expressing disgust that the dog was not being removed from her owner’s possession:

Bottom line, the ARL believes that if you’re going to treat a dog like that, you shouldn’t have it and from what we have seen on the video alone, this is not an individual that should have a dog. Period. We’d like to see Echo go to a home where she will be properly treated and properly trained so that her confidence can be rebuilt. What we saw in the videos was heartbreaking, but it’s what the videos don’t show that worries us the most.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    If this had been someone OTHER than WHITE, the NAZI police in Ohio would have SHOT Brooks AND the dog, then claim it was “self defense”. Guarantee it! NOW, on the issue of leaving this dog with the owner, I do believe we ALL make mistakes and as long as one is WILLING to OWN that mistake and learn to do better, then a second chance IS warranted. If I were the neighbor though, I’d keep an eye and ear on this guy, ready to video him if it happens again.


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