UPS driver brings distraught family their missing dog

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A family in Turtletown, Tennessee, has their dog back thanks to a UPS driver who went above and beyond to lend a helping hand. As reported by Fox News, 29-year-old Darrell Slack was busy delivering holiday packages when a woman told him about her missing dog, Pete. The seven-year-old dog belonged to Paula Odom, who explained that Pete is a runner and she worried that he was lost in the Cherokee National Forest, which is near her home.

Odom told the news agency:

“In that forest there are coyotes, there are bears…my fear was that Pete is not mountain-wise and wouldn’t know what to do in a situation like that and the chance we’d see him again was slim to none.”

Slack assured Pete’s owner that he would be on the lookout for her dog and sure enough, while delivering a package in a remote area, not far from the Odom’s residence, he spotted the missing dog. Thanks to some dog biscuits that Slack keeps in his truck, he was able to lure the pooch to him.

Slack drove Pete back to his distraught owner. Odom tells the news agency that she was thrilled to see the UPS driver walk-up with her dog:

“As he held Pete in his arms I just about collapsed. I was overjoyed.”

She added:

“It speaks volumes — especially right now at Christmas,”

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