Sweet, frosted-face senior dog loves everyone, but doesn’t have a home after owner died

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A sweet, frost-face pooch named Sleuie is in need of a home after the death of her owner. The senior hound is being held at the New Hampshire SPCA, which reached out for help on Wednesday. In a Facebook post, the shelter writes:

Facebook faithful, we really need your help to find Sleuie a home.


Those of us who know her personally know there’s absolutely no such thing as “too much” Sleuie… but we’re hoping this will be the last time we post about how patiently she is waiting for her forever home.

According to the shelter, there doesn’t seem to be anyone that the 10-year-old dog doesn’t like. The shelter writes:

Sleuie is the type of girl that makes fast friends with everyone — especially if they bring along a cheese stick to share with her. She eagerly greets everyone at the front of her kennel with a goofy smile, a head tilt, and a wagging tail. She has the most cheerful personality and has brought countless smiles to our faces. She truly is a gem of a dog, and we are confident she will make someone incredibly happy.

The shelter explained how Sleuie became homeless:

So, how did such an amazing dog end up homeless at 10 years old? Sleuie was surrendered to us because her beloved owner passed away. The duo had quite the story, beginning when he rescued her after learning she had been living tied up outside. It’s easy to imagine just how bonded she was to him and how much she has been missing him. We know he filled years and years of this girl’s life with light and warmth.

Not only did this lovely girl lose her home, she has been diagnosed with cancer. The shelter explains:

To add on to Sleuie’s bout of bad luck, our medical staff discovered upon her arrival that she has a mast cell tumor. Due to its location, Sleuie’s age and her current quality of life, our team has opted to not remove it. Mast cell tumors can vary widely in their behavior, so her prognosis is unknown at this time. However, it is so important to us that Sleuie finds a family that will love her unconditionally for whatever time she has left.

The shelter describes Sleuie, writing:

Sleuie enjoys going for walks and uses the time to get lots of sniffs in. She’s a strong girl and still has plenty of pep in her step. In true hound fashion, she is very aware of what’s going on around her and will let out a big “awooo” when something really grabs her attention. It’s pretty perfect.

The real way to Sleuie’s heart, though, involves less activity and more snuggling. Right at the top of her “Ideal Home Wishlist” is a couch big enough for her to be able to curl up on — all 90 pounds of her! — and a person to share it with.

Hospice home?

Does Sleuie sound like your kind of girl? Do you know someone with a soft spot for senior animals who is willing to provide her with a hospice home? Email the shelter today at info@nhspca.org and let them know Sleuie sent you!

Will I still fit on your lap mom?

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