Skeletal dog – rescue promises cheeseburgers & love for the rest of her life

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A skeletal dog, rescued days ago in Alabama, has been promised cheeseburgers and love for the rest of her life. The promise comes from Two by Two Animal Rescue in Helena, Alabama, who posted images of the gaunt dog on October 22.

The rescue group said:

Starry was abandoned without food or water for God knows how long. This is NOT ok.
We can do better Alabama!
Starry has been promised all the cheeseburgers & love she wants for the rest of her life. No more bad days!

On Monday morning, the rescue agency confirmed their initial fears that she was plagued with parasites – they said:

Starry was taken to our vet Saturday.
As suspected she was full of internal parasites and is heartworm positive. Once Starry is healthy enough she will be spayed & then begin heartworm treatment.

This beautiful girl will never know another day of hunger, thirst, or pain. If you would like to send her some love, you can find an Amazon Wish list created on her behalf at this link.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Alabama is just as SADISTIC as Texas. VILE THUGS on EVERY corner in this DEMON filled state. I KNOW, I lived there! And law enforcement is OFTEN heading up those vicious dog fights where drugs and illegal guns are bought/sold. So there is seldom any help from them. Some of these police FREAKS laugh at BAIT dogs LITERALLY being RIPPED apart in front of them. Yep, way to go Alabama, you’re really living the word of God, huh?


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