Shelter trying to raise funds for injured dog’s surgery, but few people seem interested in her ‘story’

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A shelter in Pennsylvania has taken a dog under its wing, and that dog is in need of surgery. The pup, named Story, has an injured leg which needs to be surgically repaired, but on Friday, when the Pennsylvania SPCA shared Story’s “story,” few people seemed interested in helping.

The shelter Tweeted:

Story is a little sad.

It seems that the post about her surgery is getting very few likes and even fewer donations.

Help us help Story get the surgery she so desperately needs

Sharing what is needed on Facebook:

Story, a 3-year-old velvet hippo who we pulled from ACCT Philly , has one of the best smiles we’ve ever seen. And that’s saying something. But, there is a great deal of pain behind Story’s smile. She has a torn cruciate in her left hind leg that will require surgery to correct.

You know by now that when we bring an animal into our care like Story, we commit to their care. And for Story that means providing her with the surgery she needs. No matter what it takes. Today, on $5 Friday, will you help Story get the surgery to repair her leg and put her on the path to finding her #furever?

Will you help Story? For just $5.00 you can help her get the surgery that she needs.

Click here to make a donation to the shelter through Facebook.

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