Rescuers promise abandoned dog, found hiding in bushes, no more cold nights outside

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A homeless dog, found living outdoors in Detroit, Michigan, has a promising future thanks to a good Samaritan and a local rescue agency. Earlier this week, Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue posted images of where the homeless dog was found and recounted her rescue:

HIDING IN BUSHES AND TERRIFIED❤🐾This poor dog was spotted hiding in some bushes by a utility worker who called us for help. She is an older girl who clearly was hungry but too scared to go up to anyone.

Though fear kept the dog at bay, some kind words and the temptation of food finally let the rescuers capture her.

Finally secured and safe

Thanks to the rescuers, this dog will no longer be searching for food, hiding from danger, and trying to keep herself warm. The rescue agency made a promise:

We have promised her that she will NOT be spending another cold night outside. Better days are ahead for this sweet girl.

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