Singer Robin Peter’s puppy stolen but Good Samaritan helps to reunite them

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On Tuesday, singer Robin Peter’s reached out on social media for help finding his pit bull puppy he claimed had been stolen out of his yard. Robin, who lives in Plumstead, South Africa, stated the two-month-old puppy with green eyes had been “jepped” during the night.

“I woke up on Monday morning and the back gate of my house was standing open. Someone came in and opened it. Cooper and his mom and dad sleep in the garage and the carport. I had other puppies also, but they all have new homes and Cooper was the only one left.”

Robin on Facebook

It wasn’t long before fans, and of course animal lovers, reached out from social media to help. Someone reported having seen the puppy, and it was then that Robin, 29, contacted his security company to bring his puppy home. It seems the puppy was about to be sold for a hefty profit had the anonymous man who had followed Cooper’s disappearance, not come to the rescue with the information needed to reunite Robin and Cooper.

“I’m really happy to have Cooper back home and this is also a lesson taught that I need to upgrade security at my house. I want to thank everyone who shared my Missing Dog appeal on Facebook.”

Robin on Facebook

Make sure your dogs are NEVER left alone; terrible things can happen. Also, make sure your dogs are microchipped. Robin has since promised to have all of his dogs microchipped.

(Photos via Facebook Robin Peters)

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  1. tamara beinlich says:

    How crazy is this story? Network for Animals saves thousands of abandoned dogs in South Africa every year that look just like the puppy and his parents. FYI people put a chain and lock on your gates so people cannot open them. Glad he got the puppy back.


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