Rare split-colored lobster ‘ one in 50 million’ saved from the boiling pot

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A “one-in-50-million catch” lobster, according to the University of New England‘s Marine Science Center, has a new home and no fears of being boiled or broiled. And it wasn’t too long ago, the same science center in Bidderford, Maine became the home to a rare yellow lobster affectionately named Banana; a one-in 30-million find.

It never hurts public relations to save a lobster or two, and these lucky crustaceans just happen to have been caught, however one of the leading lobster packers in Maine made the donation of the lobster possible.

Blue lobsters are one-in-two-million and this half and half crustacean is one-in-50-million, but there’s even another one that really ranks up there in scarcity – a white lobster which is one-in-100 million.

“We are honored that local lobstermen entrust these rare animals to UNE’s Marine Science Center where we will use them in our teaching and outreach activities,” said Markus Frederich, Ph.D., professor of marine sciences. “Our research on lobsters and climate change, funded by the National Science Foundation, highlights the importance of these charismatic creatures.”

The search is now on to find the best name for the newest resident of the Marine Science Center. Since it is a split lobster and will be housed with Banana, some have suggested “Banana Split.”

Check out the article about the lucky blue lobster.

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