Horribly neglected, ‘skin and bones’ dog still gives kisses despite his dismal state of health

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Earlier this week, a horribly neglected dog was picked up by animal control and taken to the Humane Society of Greenwood, South Carolina. The skin and bones dog, dubbed Henry, is in dismal condition but that hasn’t impacted his sweet demeanor.

On Tuesday, the shelter posted images of the pitiful pooch, writing:

This sweet boy – now named Henry – is in horrible condition. He is extremely emaciated to the point that his hip bones have started to protrude through his skin. He has several sores and a tumor on his body and his nails are so overgrown that they have started to curl under and are growing into his paw pads.

Describing his sweet demeanor:

Despite how weak he is, this amazing boy still gets up to greet everyone he meets with a wagging tail and kisses.

Nobody knows Henry’s story, but the shelter staff is doing its utmost to help him recuperate. Henry is currently on pain killers and antibiotics, and staff are trying to keep him “as comfortable as possible.”

If you are interested in making a donation towards Henry’s care, click here.

(Images via Facebook)

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