Former high school teacher killed kittens to ‘relieve stress’

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A former high school teacher in Fort Bend, Texas, has admitted to the authorities that he killed multiple kittens to “relieve stress.” According to sources, 29-year-old Graham William Reid, of Sugar Land, is facing four counts of cruelty to non-livestock animals for torturing and killing four of his cats.

Reid’s cats, which ranged in age from four months to a year, were killed by the former band teacher, who fatally beat them when he felt stressed or frustrated. Court records indicate that Reid “felt powerful” when he beat the kittens, whose names were Cabbage, Parsnip, Carrot and Broccoli.

As reported by ABC 13 News, Reid allegedly used a metal bar, a cat scratching post and a litter box scooper, to beat the felines. According to Click 2 Houston News, Reid would take the kittens to local veterinarians for injuries including broken teeth, bloodied toes, cut tails, and/or broken bones, and then later, told the veterinary hospitals that the kittens had died at home.

Investigators were led to Reid thanks to an animal cruelty tip.

The Fort Bend Independent School District issued a statement:

“We have been made aware of a disturbing animal cruelty allegation against a teacher who is no longer employed with the District. We are unable to comment further as the matter involves an ongoing criminal investigation. Please know the safety and security of our students is our top priority and we are taking steps to safeguard the emotional well-being of our students by making well-trained counselors available to the teacher’s former students.”

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2 replies
  1. Carol Green says:

    Well, now I’m feeling a bit stressed myself. I need to beat the shit out of an ignorant mutant toad. The one pictured above looks like it would work just fine. *~* Don’t anyone get all excited. I would NEVER beat a real amphibian. They’re too useful to our environment. *~*

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    Those poor precious little treasures…… they couldn’t understand why they were suffering and no help escaping from this maniac……

    Let’s lock this POS up forever and lose the keys!!! He has earned himself a reserved space in the hottest part of Hell to burn forever for his cruelty……

    Precious little treasures, Cabbage, Parsnip, Carrot and Broccoli, I know that you are absolutely in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends.


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