Puppy named Guppy fulfills bucket list, and then freed from her congenitally defective body

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A beautiful puppy, born with a congenitally defective body, has been humanely euthanized. On Tuesday, Panda Paws Rescue shared a beautiful, albeit heartbreaking, video which chronicled the sweet final moments of her life.

Not even a week ago, the non-profit rescue group introduced the pup, named Guppy, to Facebook followers, letting everyone know that Guppy’s entire body was “solidified” from her jaw to her tailbone, and nothing could be done. The group assured Facebook followers that Guppy would get to enjoy a bucket list of special moments in her final days.

According to the group, Guppy was born with congenital chondrodystrophy /arthrodystrophy, and there was nothing that could be done to ease her suffering…no wheelchair, no surgery, nothing at all. If the group had the ability to fix what was wrong, they would have happily done what was needed. But Guppy’s body was broken and there was no way to fix the multitude of things that were wrong.

On Tuesday, Guppy was no longer burdened by her body. Panda Paws wrote:

Sweetheart Guppy is at peace and freed from her horrible, unfair body.


If love alone could’ve saved her, she would have lived forever.

Click here to watch the tribute to Guppy on Facebook.

Rest in peace Guppy.

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