Couple cited after bucket of kittens found inside of hot, parked car

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A couple in Lorain, Ohio, is facing animal cruelty charges after a litter of newborn kittens were discovered inside of a parked car, on a hot day. According to, a good Samaritan called the police on August 21 after finding a bucket, holding four tiny kittens, inside of a vehicle that was parked outside of a Motel 6.

The good Samaritan told the police that a man and woman placed the kittens inside of the car after moving out of the hotel – they proceeded to leave for a walk. The woman confronted the couple because one of the kittens had died. The man pulled the dead kitten out of the car and put it somewhere, but the witness didn’t know where.

According to the police report, it was 85 degrees that day, and the interior of the car had climbed to 125 degrees. A responding officer was able to use a tool to gain access to the interior of the car and retrieve the kittens, who were believed to be just two weeks of age. The couple returned to the car while the police were there and the man tried to leave, but was apprehended by the officers. The woman told the officers that they had left the kittens in the car so they could walk to a fast food restaurant for food.

The couple is charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty. There was no mention of where the kittens were taken after being rescued from the car.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    THIS is why we hear so many saying repeatedly “if you see an animal in a risky/dangerous situation, call law enforcement”. Who knows how many newborn kittens these DEMON spawned VILE THUGS have PURPOSELY put in a vehicle to LITERALLY ROAST to DEATH. SMH, when THESE two face their Maker, they’re in for a reality check UNLIKE any thing they’ve seen. Hint: harm My sweet animals and your punishment shall be at least 100 fold worse, cut off their limb while alive and it climbs to at least 1000 fold worse, etc. Oh my, I don’t have to do anything to seek their punishment, do I?


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