Police put down pet chimpanzee after attack on owner’s daughter

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A family’s pet chimpanzee was killed by a sheriff’s deputy in Pendleton, Oregon, after the animal attacked the owner’s 50-year-old daughter. According to multiple sources, police were called out to a residence in the 42200 block of Reith Road on Sunday morning after receiving a call for help.

The owner of the chimpanzee, Tamera Brogoitti, told the authorities that their pet of 17 years had their daughter trapped in a bedroom in the basement – the chimpanzee had bitten the woman on her torso, arms and legs. As reported by MSN News, the chimpanzee, named Buck, weighed 200 pounds, and his owner asked the police to shoot him.

The agency shared Brogoitti’s call:

“I’ve locked myself in the basement with her,” Brogoitti said on the call, referring to her daughter. “I can’t get out to get my gun,” she added, before asking police to kill the chimp.

The woman told the police that they would need to shoot Buck in the head. Brogoitti told the police that Buck had never acted like this before, and she warned them not to underestimate him. She said:

“Send more than one (deputy) because the ape — if the ape gets a drop on him, he’s gone too,” she said. “He has got to be put down.”

The police were able to put Buck down with a shot to the head as requested. The injured woman was taken to the hospital with severe bite wounds, but she is expected to recover.

(Stock image via Pixabay)

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