No happy ending for missing shelter dog, who disappeared after spay surgery

People eagerly awaiting good news about a shelter dog who escaped after she underwent a spay surgery were saddened to learn that there would be no happy ending to this missing dog story. The dog, named Tux, disappeared in early March. The Humane Society of Marathon County, Wisconsin, had reached out to Facebook followers after the young dog vanished, writing:

Tux is loose near Paw Health Network in Kronenwetter. She is part of the Bevent group of dogs and got loose while being loaded into the vehicle after surgery. She was spayed yesterday and is wearing a slip leash and an e-collar.

This week, the shelter shared sad word that the dog had been found…but she wasn’t alive:

Tux update 4/28/21
We were notified of a lab mix hit by a car on HWY 29 just West of our 72nd Avenue exit. The Humane Officer was enroute to retrieve the body and bring to the shelter for scanning and disposal in the event we had any matching reports or the owner would call.
That dog on HWY 29 was our girl.


She was in rough shape; her spine was broken on impact; the body in front of us today was just the shell of the girl we once knew. The person who hit her didn’t stop but we are so thankful that whoever saw it happen made the call.
It was her collar. It was her microchip number.

The shelter thanked everyone who had tried to find the missing dog, and shared their gratitude for closure, amidst the deep pain of loss:

This isn’t the reunion I hoped for but it is an answer instead of a forever question. I had hoped to be able to give you so much more, Tux. Maybe she was trying to come back home to us; that hurts even more than crying over her broken body on the floor of the intake office.
Ending with:
I’m so sorry Tux. We love you and we never gave up.

Will I still fit on your lap mom?

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