‘Bleakest workplace in the world’ shows donkeys working in the horrific conditions

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Horrific images and video of donkeys working in the dumps of Mali, West Africa have gone viral showing donkeys struggling through mountains of rubbish overflowing with broken glass and sharp metal objects in temperatures known to reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to the Mirror, the life expectancy for the donkeys in Mali used to be six-months. The donkeys carry trash from the capital, Bamako; pulling the heavy loads of rubbish up steep slopes with barely any time given to them to rest. The constant threat of  infections from sharp objects often result in terrible suffering for these animals.

The United Kingdom based animal charity, The Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad, (SPANA) has been regularly treating the donkeys and providing them with vaccinations to prevent tetanus and other deadly diseases. With this treatment available, the life span of the donkeys has been increasing to several years – although not nearly optimum conditions, but so much better than before veterinarians and volunteers arrived to help save the lives of these docile animals.

“Every day, the working donkeys of the Bamako rubbish dumps in Mali face injury from sharp metal, glass and plastic. Even the smallest cuts and scratches can easily become infected, and tetanus can develop. The effects of tetanus are appalling and, sadly, it is often fatal. But, with the ongoing help of our supporters, SPANA vets are regularly visiting Bamako, providing vaccinations and treatment to ensure that animals do not have to endure the pain and misery caused by tetanus and other diseases.”
The director of veterinary services for SPANA states the conditions in Mali are truly shocking. The poverty lends itself to a never-ending cycle of work; and of course the donkeys suffer the same if not more from horrific working conditions as their owners.
In 2020, SPANA treated more than 21,000 animals across Mali including these animals servicing the rubbish dumps.
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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Absolutely speechless; anyone reading my other posts would be surprised to read that. All I know to do here: Dear God, I pray Your hand of wisdom will inspire leaders to educate their people, while looking for ways to create decent paying jobs; that Your hand of grace will inspire the people to see how much ‘good’ can/does come from being educated, taking better care of themselves AND their animals; while learning how important it is to be kind as possible to their donkeys helping them make a living, meager as it may be; and that Your hand of wealth inspires someone with resources to provide their teenage children, working BARE footed, with shoes. Crying so hard right now for everyone there, WATCH VIDEO on Mirror, no one is abusing, they’re just trying to survive. And God, please bless SPANA with all the resources/volunteers they need keep to helping them.


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