Man beat his ex-girlfriend’s dog to death with a wrench

A man in Hartselle, Alabama, was arrested and is facing charges, for brutally beating his ex-girlfriend’s dog to death. The dog, a three-year-old Jack Russell terrier mix named Jax, was killed by James Whitley, Jill Burgett’s ex-boyfriend.

Burgett tells WHNT News that she found blood splatters all over her bedroom, Jax was missing, and Whitley wouldn’t return her texts or calls. Three days later, the small dog’s body was found alongside a road, dumped in a duffel bag allegedly belonging to Whitley.

Burgett claims that her ex admitted to investigators that he fatally beat Jax with a wrench. She also told the news agency that he attacked her in January, and acknowledged that he had a “hot temper.”

Whitley is facing an animal cruelty charge resulting from the dog’s death; he has been released on bond.

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