Man accused of hitting pregnant woman and killing her puppy

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A man in Hollywood, Florida, has surrendered to the police after allegations that he hit a pregnant woman and killed her puppy. As reported by NBC Miami, on Thursday, 20-year-old Tyson Pierre Louis turned himself in at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Louis is facing multiple charges, including aggravated battery of a pregnant female and animal abuse and cruelty, for the incident which took place on April 10 at 2600 N. 29th Avenue. The attack, which happened at a gas station, claimed the life of the woman’s pit bull puppy, who died after being thrown to the ground.

Louis is accused of striking his victim in the face – the woman is 16-weeks pregnant, had a restraining order against Louis at the time that she was attacked.

(Booking photo via NBC Miami)

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Where is law enforcement when a person of color is ACTUALLY committing a crime? NOWHERE! WHY? Because they’re out CRUISING for an innocent bystander walking home, so they can stop and harass them. When THAT innocent person of color tires of their games and tries to walk home, THEY’RE SHOT in the BACK. Oh, but there’s nothing wrong with our CORRUPT, DEMON spawned, HATE FILLED, RACIST, EVANGELICAL police that go to church and THINK they’re forgiven for: beatings, rapes, MURDER, and lies. Better READ the ENTIRE passage tRUMP ass wipes!


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