Family’s Corgi-Mix blamed for death of child

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An Oklahoma family’s Corgi-mix dog is being blamed for the death of their child. According to a release from the Creek County Sheriff’s Office, the child was discovered deceased on October 20 in the family’s backyard.

The October 21 release states:

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at about 7:20 pm the Creek County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a missing child, south of Kiefer. Shortly after deputies arrived on scene, a family member located the child on the property. The child was pronounced deceased at approximately 7:35 pm. The preliminary investigation indicates the child was attacked by a family pet (dog).

As reported by the Daily Mail, the dog is described as a corgi/Shetland sheepdog mix; the family had taken in 3 weeks before the tragic incident. The dog was reported to have been abandoned on a road. Prior to the deadly incident, the family had not observed any signs of aggression in the dog.

The child found deceased is identified as seven-year-old James McNeelis; the family created a GoFundMe to raise money for a cremation and funeral.

The case remains under investigation. In a KOKO News article, Creek County Sheriff Bret Bowling has stated that there was no sign of foul play and that the preliminary investigation indicated that McNeelis was killed by some sort of animal. Several comments left on the Creek County Sheriff’s Facebook page are asking for a full investigation to rule out a potential attack by a coyote, instead of the family’s dog.

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