Family mourns beloved dog who was trampled by moose

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On Saturday, a family’s beloved dog died after being trampled by a moose in Frisco, Colorado. The dog, named Arlo, was with his family on the Masontown trail and he ran ahead of them. According to the Summit County Rescue Group, Arlo was fatally trampled when he tried to rejoin his family.

The rescue group said:

Yesterday a dog named Arlo was hiking on the Masontown trail in Frisco with his family and found himself ahead of his owners with three moose on the trail between them. He tried to go back to his people and one of the moose trampled him.

The rescue team said that Arlo was still breathing when they reached him, but he was unresponsive. After getting the grievously wounded dog off of the trail, Arlo’s family was able to rush him to a veterinary clinic for care. Unfortunately, the injuries proved to be fatal. The rescue agency said:

Sadly, later that evening we got word that Arlo had passed away.

Summit County Rescue asked those hearing Arlo’s story not to pass judgment on the family for having an off-leash dog but reminded them of the dangers that can be encountered while outdoors. The agency said:

We simply want to remind people how dangerous moose encounters can be, both to dogs and to people. Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s website says, “When it comes to defending their young, cow moose will protect their calves very aggressively, especially in the presence of dogs. Moose react to dogs as they would to wolves – one of their primary predators. Moose will often attack even the most gentle dog as if it were a wolf.”

One of the people who commented on the rescuers’ post was a family member who wrote:

Thank you Summit County Rescue for helping my parents get Arlo down the trail, we’re so grateful for your crew. Arlo’s last day was spent on his favorite trail, with his favorite humans, and little dog brother. He died surrounded with love, the same way he spent his life.

Another family member wrote:

Thank you so much for looking after my parents and trying everything to save Arlo. Hike in peace my friend.

Rest in peace Arlo.

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