Spanish man gored to death during ‘running of the bulls’ annual festival despite opposition from animal rights’ groups

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A 55-year-old Spanish man was gored in the leg by a bull during the annual “running of the bulls” on Saturday and bled to death after the festival. On Sunday, a statement released from the town hall of Onda, in the eastern Spanish province of Castellon, suspended the last day of the run.

According to Sky News, the man had been taken to a local hospital, but doctors could not save him. The man suffered a wound to his left thigh which perforated an artery. This has been the first death during the running-of-the-bulls festival resumed across the country after the pandemic. Despite the continued opposition from animal rights’ groups and the dangers involved, the dangerous tradition still remains popular. During the races, the bulls are released for the runs and later used in bullfights on the same day.

The most popular international event takes place at Pamplona’s San Fermin Festival where eight races run through the narrow cobbled streets. The next race is scheduled to occur in July 2022.

Catalonia banned bullfighting in 2010, however the top court in Spain overruled the ban. Nearly half of Spaniards have been in favor of banning bullfighting, but little has been done to stop the cruel displays.

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