Derbyshire dog owner pleads on Facebook for safe return of her stolen dog

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Earlier this year, Jane Mercer had been walking her dog Blue in Matlock, the county town of Derbyshire, England, when she had been stopped by a man who was also walking a dog asking for directions to the local footpath. Mercer’s dog had been off leash when the man entered into conversation with her, and then moments later abruptly ended the conversation and walked away.

When Mercer called to her 13-year-old Sprocker [cocker and springer spaniel mix] Blue, he was no where in sight. The area where the man stood with his dog started to zig-zag and then became very dense with trees and foliage.

“I was just thinking I was talking to a dog walker, so I tried to be helpful and look where he was pointing and answer his question and lost sight of where Blue went, but it’s not unusual for a springer to just go in the undergrowth and sniff around. And then he ended the conversation, really peculiarly. It wasn’t a normal ending, he just sort of turned and disappeared and went, and when I turned around, Blue wasn’t there.”

Jane Mercer

Now Jane thinks someone else had been nearby, and the man who stopped her for directions just wanted to distract her and possibly used food treats to lure Blue away. Two other dog owners have since claimed they experienced similar situations, but became suspicious and walked away with their dogs.

A Facebook page Bring Blue Back Home has already garnered close to 5,000 followers.

“Lunchtime yesterday marked 14 weeks since Blue was taken. 14 weeks of misery, pain and tears. Night after night of wondering where our boy is, if he’s safe and warm, if his tummy is full. All this time to get lost in our thoughts, so many questions we want to ask. Why an old boy like him? It must have been clear that day he is no spring chicken. Why not set him free once you realised he was neutered and was no use for breeding? Why Blue? Why our boy? Where’s your heart?”

Jane Mercer’s plea in September and still no word of Blue’s whereabouts

Blue is a blue roan, has a docked tail, would not have barked at strangers and would eagerly accept treats from strangers. Jane has been with her dog since he was a 10-week-old puppy in 2008, so her loss can barely be imagined.

Blue is microchipped, but there have been no signs of him. The dog’s sister Pebbles has been missing Blue and has trouble sleeping. Jane, who has been fighting breast cancer believes that Blue and Pebbles will be her last dogs, and both dogs have brought her immense comfort during these trying times.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Derbyshire police or the Bring Blue Back Home Facebook. Please keep sharing and hope that Blue is fine and can be reunited with his family.

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