Animal lovers outraged over shameful slaughter of dolphins – setting record with 1400 killed

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Animal lovers, make that all decent human beings, are outraged over a record-setting dolphin slaughter that just took place in the Faeroe Islands. On Wednesday morning, the non-profit organization, Sea Shepherd, wrote of the appalling massacre:

 Over the weekend, whalers in the Faroe Islands set a gruesome record, killing a full 1428 dolphin-superpod. It’s possibly the largest single slaughter of cetaceans in recorded history.

In a linked release, the organization explained further:

On Sunday night, September 12th, a super-pod of 1428 Atlantic White-Sided Dolphins was driven for many hours and for around 45 km by speed boats and jet-skis into the shallow water at Skálabotnur beach in the Danish Faroe Islands, where every single one of them was killed. 

The mass killing has outraged people around the world, with even “pro-whalers” expressing dismay for what happened. According to Sea Shepherd, those participating in the killing likely broke laws, and details about the horror have been provided to the local authorities. The group said:

photos show many of the dolphins had been run over by motorboats, essentially hacked by propellers, which would have resulted in a slow and painful death. According to locals, the hunt has been reported to the Faroese police for these violations.

More information and photos (graphic) at this link to the Sea Shepherd release.

(Image via Sea Shepherd Facebook page)

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    These thugs in the Faroe islands MUST BE paying off law enforcement or they would NOT have been able to get away with something that IS supposedly so ILLEGAL. Wait for the lame ass excuses from these DANISH DEMONS, then boycott EVERYTHING they make revenue from. Astounding that so many people ALL over are NOT STOMPING the ground in anger as THIS ROBS everyone from resources that SUSTAIN YOUR FOOD. Don’t understand how? Don’t put your head in the sand just because it may not make sense to you about how THIS is connected. Google it, it won’t take but 30-45 of your time to get a much better understanding. YOUR OWN CHILDREN/GRANDCHILDREN WILL SUFFER IF YOU DON’T WAKE UP AND STOP THESE EGREGIOUS CRIMES OF MASSIVE KILLS FOR JUST ONE COUNTRY TO BENEFIT FROM. They had to chase these whales in to THEIR TERRITORY, so NO they don’t have that right.


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