Dog in horrifying condition rescued from the streets of Youngstown making miraculous recovery

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A sweet dog rescued from the streets of Youngstown, Ohio continues to make progress. Picked up less than one week ago by the Mahoning County Dog Warden, he was rushed to the emergency veterinarian hospital. No one could even understand how he was able to still stand.

“How does a dog like this just suddenly appear? There are posts of stray dogs on the lost and found pages every day. We receive hundreds of calls a week at the pound. Not a word about him, and then he appears. Someone had him. He is either sick and has received no medical care or he was starved. Either way someone let him waste away to nothing in my opinion. Maybe they set him free. Maybe he slipped out on his own.”

Megan Zarlenga

Rescuers named him Fido, and after arriving at the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital, the young dog received emergency treatment to save his life. Radiographs revealed a “coil shaped” object in his stomach, and at the time, it was unknown if this had caused a blockage leading to his starvation or had he eaten this object to stay alive?

At intake, Fido weighed 23 pounds; a dog of his build and breed should weigh at least 50 pounds. Once placed on intravenous therapy, he slept. The staff carried Fido outside to relieve himself. The following morning he underwent surgery.

“His insides were an anesthetic nightmare. He had to be revived immediately. He was full of garbage – mostly mulch and cigarette butts. We don’t know if he will make it.”

Fido’s surgeon

By the next morning, Fido remained very weak, but the optimism began to spread about the dog’s recovery – he ate a few bites of food, and every two hours he was fed two tablespoons of food mixed with water. Miraculously, his stomach began its recovery; Fido’s first bowel movement was “solid.”

And now, after one week of hospitalization and the best care any dog could receive, Fido continues to recover. His veterinarian told the staff everyday Fido is alive is a miracle. On Monday, Fido was released to his foster home.

“Fido is only one dog but he represents the countless number of homeless in shelters and pounds all over the world. In his honor please consider helping another dog. (or cat). He may have opened your eyes to something you weren’t fully aware of. What is happening to dogs and cats in our country is a sin…”

Megan Zalenga

Friends of Fido, Inc. is committed to assist the rescue of dogs from Mahoning County Dog Pound. We accomplish this by fundraising , the public education of responsible pet ownership, and promoting spay/neuter programs. We rely solely on donations.

Updates on Fido to follow.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Not sure what Ohioans expect from a state that has PROUDLY and REPEATEDLY STATED: We don’t give a CRAP about ANY animals welfare, all we care about is revenue from our ANIMAL TORTURE warehouses. WAKE UP folks, THAT message tells EVERY THUG in your state that they can do THIS to any animal with IMPUNITY. When they start raping, kidnapping and KILLING YOUR babies, and they WILL, maybe you’ll decide to take a closer look at the REAL ENEMY that prevails ALL OVER Ohio. Oh, and your state will NOT be the premier indicator for future presidents, as you have resoundingly lost a LOT of support once YOUR TRUE colors came out. And so many say tRUMP didn’t give us much. YES he DID, he SHOWED us just how widespread the Nazi movement IS in this country. Hint: many hide under the guise of the GOP party.


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