Woman beats and chokes dog in front of officer

Woman brazenly beats and chokes small dog in front of officer

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A woman brazenly beat and choked her small dog in front of an animal control officer who responded to the troubling situation to help. The cruel incident was recounted by the Animal Rescue League of Iowa on Thursday. The animal welfare agency states:

SHE BEAT HER DOG IN FRONT OF US: When ARL Animal Services received a call from several concerned people about a woman abusing her dog, we rushed to help. Witnesses said they’d seen the little white dog crying out in pain as the woman repeatedly hit him, choked him, threw him, and stomped on him.

Amazingly, even after an animal control officer arrived to help the dog, the woman continued hurting him. The agency writes:

When our Animal Control Officer arrived, the woman didn’t even try to hide what she was doing. She struck the dog repeatedly in front of the ARL officer, and when he ordered her to stop and to put the dog down, she told him she wouldn’t, then threw the dog once again.

The officer put himself between the dog and the woman and waited until the Des Moines Police arrived to make an arrest. The dog was transported to a veterinarian for an exam, which revealed that he suffered extensive bruising, with evidence of prior abuse as well. ARL writes:

Large purple and red bruises stretched from his injured eye to the top of his head and across his ear. There were places that looked like they’d been punctured. We delicately cleaned his wounds, started him on antibiotics and made him a soft bed where he could begin his recovery. Sadly, we also found old injuries that can no longer be healed and will affect how he walks for the rest of his life.

The dog, named Toby, is healing from his physical and emotional trauma. Amazingly, his former owner, Yelena Barr, was arrested and released – she immediately purchased a replacement dog from Craigslist. Fortunately, that dog has since been seized and Barr went to jail for 30 days. The case is not yet settled.

Support Animal Rescue League of Iowa here.

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