Rescue dog now fighting cancer

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Rocky, a 10-year old dog was rescued in Valdosta, Georgia 10 years ago when he was only six days old. Lynit Patterson-Sallions, a Georgia resident and long-time animal rescuer, took in all seven puppies along with their mother.

The mother dog was spayed, and all the puppies were spayed and neutered before being posted for adoption. Lynit was able to adopt out five of the seven puppies. She kept Rocky and  ended up taking back one of the puppies from an adopter.

Rocky, still living happily with Lynit will be 10 years old Sept 25, 2020.  Back in March, Lynit noticed a growth the size of a pea on Rocky’s hind leg. Lynit had her vet come out and look at the growth. The vet stated as soon as the pandemic was over, the growth would be removed. Within five months the growth went from the size of a pea to that of an orange. In August, the vet’s stated they were only doing emergency surgeries due to the still active Covid-19 pandemic.

After begging to get an appointment, Royston Animal Hospital finally saw Rocky.  He now has four masses that need to be removed. The surgery is scheduled for September 18, 2020. The cost for everything including surgery, follow-up visits, and blood panel work is $2000.

Tumor on Rocky’s hind leg, 2020. 

Sadly, it is getting harder and harder for Rocky to walk each day. He must pick the leg with the tumor way up because the tumor is so heavy it inhibits his walking. Lynit does not have the funds to cover this life-saving surgery. Due to being unemployed during the first three months of the pandemic, she has not had an income.

We are all devastated when our pets become ill and want nothing more than to help them and keep them with us as long as possible.

Some people give and give, spending their lives in the care and service of others, including all creatures and never ask for anything in return. They are the unsung heroes who never think of themselves. Yet these same people oftentimes need a helping hand too, so they can continue their important, lifesaving work.

Lynit is very instrumental in the animal rescue world. She has rescued countless dogs, transported others, fostered, networked etc. Now she needs a helping hand.

Please donate to help Rocky in his battle to stay alive.

“Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else’s life…”

-Margaret Cho

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