Blind and deaf toy poodle scooped up by hawk found blocks away

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a tiny blind and deaf toy poodle was scooped up by a hawk on Thursday. Her owner, Deborah Falcione was sure she would never see her loved 16-year-old pup named Porschia again.

According to the WtaeNews, the six-pound dog was plucked up from her back deck and carried off. For hours, Falcione searched and as the temperatures fell below freezing, the probability of finding her tiny dog diminished.

And here is where the truth can be stranger than fiction. On Friday afternoon, the Banfield Animal Hospital called Deborah and said they had her dog. Somehow Porschia survived; she had been missing for 28 hours in 10-degree weather! A neighbor found her and brought her to the veterinarian hospital.

When Deborah arrived at the veterinarian hospital, Porschia was resting in a heating tank, was tired but had no broken bones. Found nearly four blocks from home, no one knows how she survived, but here she is.

Get well soon Porschia.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Deborah & Porschia were both VERY fortunate in this instance. I know of others who were NOT so fortunate…… NO animal under 25 pounds should be left alone, EVER….. it only takes a second & “free food” for the opportunistic predator (to you or me, our furbabies are family….. to an opportunistic predator, “free food”)…….

    Deborah should check into covered and locking pens if she wants her pets to be outside (Amazon & the “Big Box” pet stores all sell them),


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