Three dogs died in lake

Warning! Another dog dead after visiting Texas lake

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Dog owners in and around Austin, Texas, beware – the water at Lady Bird Lake is toxic. Three dogs have died in a short period of time after visiting the lake and the deaths are believed to be the result of blue-green algae toxicity.

Within the past 24 hours, the City of Austin Tweeted a warning:

• Pets (& people) should not swim in or drink from Lady Bird Lake.
• Red Bud Isle is closed.
We have confirmed potentially harmful algal blooms in Lady Bird Lake & posted signs indicating the danger.

The warnings came too late for the dogs who died after going to the lake to play. Mia Mineghino told CBS Austin about her dog, Koda:

We went there every day. He played. He loved to swim.

Three weeks ago, Koda’s day of fun ended in tragedy; Mineghino told the news agency:

We were on the street here and I knew something was wrong. He couldn’t hold himself up. He tried to stand up and his legs, he couldn’t use his legs. So, I got to the vet and ran inside, and I asked for help. I said my dog is dying. Something is wrong with my dog. Somebody come help me.”

It was too late – the two-year-old dog died a short time later. Though the veterinary hospital could not determine the exact cause of death, the timing of the algae bloom and the symptoms indicate that Koda died from neurotoxins created by blue-green algae.

Mineghino is heartbroken and she hopes that her story will prevent other dogs from dying in a similar manner.

(Screenshots via CBS Austin)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I know we have warnings all the time around here about the algae. This is heartbreaking. Rest in peace Koda, condolences to your family. I know how much you were loved.


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