Dog died in hot car while owner enjoyed meal at restaurant

Dog died in hot car
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A dog suffered and died inside of a parked car on a near 100-degree day in Westminster, Colorado, while his owner enjoyed a meal at a nearby restaurant. As reported by Fox 31 News, the dog’s owner had left water in the car and the windows rolled partially down, but the extreme temperature proved too much for the dog to survive.

When the dog’s owner returned to the vehicle, the dog was described as “unresponsive.” It was the dog’s owner to contacted the authorities and rushed the ailing pet to a veterinarian. Unfortunately, the heat had already taken a deadly toll and the dog could not be saved.

Another dog left in a parked car in Lakeside, Colorado, narrowly escaped death on Tuesday when the car’s interior temperature climbed over 120-degrees. Police were able to bash out a window and rush the dog to a veterinarian for care. The dog, Pedro, was in critical condition for the first 24 hours, but he is now stable and expected to survive.

Cars become virtual ovens on wheels on warm days – it is not save to leave pets unattended in parked vehicles, even on moderately warm days. Be safe – leave your four-legged friends at home!

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  1. Do these idiots really think they are doing their pets a favor by taking them in the car and then leaving them to roast to death? What is wrong with them? Leave your pets home if you will leaving them in the car for more than a few minutes. They will die and how will you feel then? I would surmise if you cared enough to take your pet with you, you would be devastated to lose them like this!


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