Plastic found in dead whale

Staggering 48 lbs of plastic found in dead whale

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A staggering amount of plastic has been found in a dead whale who washed ashore in Sardinia, Italy. According to multiple sources, the female sperm whale had over 48 pounds of various types of plastic in her stomach – as well as a dead fetus.

Italy’s environment minister, Sergio Costa, angered by the whale’s death, stated that Italy will be leading the way towards a ban on disposable plastic:

Since 2021 you will start banning the use and trade of the disposable plastic. I promise you that Italy will be one of the first countries in the world and implement it. 

Discarded plastics are taking a never-ending toll on animal life. Just last month, a dead whale was found with 88 pounds of plastic in its stomach in the Philippines. And days ago, a week old calf died after being suffocated by a plastic bag.

Improperly disposed of plastics, in addition to painfully frequent balloon releases, continue to kill birds, livestock, and marine life – we must do better. Please do your part – if you are enjoying a walk outdoors, pick up trash that you encounter and properly dispose of it. Never consider taking part in a balloon release. Limit your consumption of single use plastics. Be part of the change – the creatures of the earth are counting on you.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    We are GUILTY, but CHINA is the ABSOLUTE WORST POLUTER! This must be a WORLDWIDE effort because we cannot do it alone! and Care2 has a variety of petitions that fight this HARD! Please support them. Thank you.


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