Calf suffocated on plastic bag

Calf suffered horrible death – rancher pleads for change

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An angry and heartbroken rancher posted a shocking photo to social media days ago – a photo which highlights the need for people to stop carelessly discarding plastic, and releasing balloons. The photo is of a week old calf who suffocated on plastic – the calf suffered a horrible and terrifying death because of human carelessness.

Red Dirt Hill Farm wrote:

For those people who celebrate special days or remember loved ones by releasing balloons to float away peacefully into the heavens, this is the end result. Or for those who toss trash out of their car, this is where it can end up. Sorry if this offends anyone but I am furious. We discovered this 1 week old baby calf this morning while feeding. It suffocated with a plastic bag still hanging from its mouth.


Can you imagine the suffering and terror it experienced? You can still see the lick marks on her where her mother was lovingly and probably frantically trying to help.

The rancher implored the public to stop releasing balloons – and to dispose of trash properly, writing, “Please don’t release balloons. It may be beautiful but they come down and kill as sure as a bullet does. Please dispose of trash properly. The wind catches the plastic bags and carries them like balloons to land where an innocent animal can eat them and die.”

Please spread the word – be mindful of your actions. And if you see a piece of plastic or a fallen balloon – pick it up and get it to a trash receptacle before it claims another innocent life. Be the change!

(Image via Red Dirt Hill Farm)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is just heartbreaking and could happen to any animal. Let’s be responsible people, this could happen to one of your pets or animals!

  2. Darla G says:

    I cringe every time I see video of balloons being launched for whatever type of ceremony. It’s a stupid “symbol” that causes harm. That poor calf suffered because of the stupidity of humans.


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