Someone shot ‘super sweet’ boy in the face – police search for answers

Someone shot super sweet boy in the face
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Someone shot a dog, described as a “super sweet boy,” in the face and now police in Nevada are searching for answers. As reported by Fox 5 Vegas, the injured dog was found on a Las Vegas freeway last weekend.

The gray pit bull was found by around noon on Sunday by good Samaritans on U.S. Highway 95. Animal control was contacted and the dog, dubbed Dudley, was transported to the Animal Foundation for care. Veterinarians who examined him believe that he was shot in the face and noted that despite his significant injury, he was a sweet dog.

One of the responding Nevada Highway Patrol troopers stated that he was “the sweetest dog and loved all of the attention and rubs he was receiving.” The Animal Foundation is hopeful that a home can be found for Dudley when he has recovered – his current biography reads:

Poor *Dudley came in with evidence of being shot in the face. He is a super sweet boy and needs to be transferred to a rescue ASAP for further work-up and treatment.

The authorities are looking for more information about the dog’s owner, and whoever is responsible. Anyone with information is asked to call the NHP at (702-486-4100), the Animal Control (702-384-3333) or Crime Stoppers (702-385-5555).

(Screenshot via Fox Vegas)

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