Lizzo puppy adoption

Singer visits rescue organization before concert – puppy finds a new home!

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Last week, some homeless rescue pups in Wisconsin were paid a visit by singer Lizzo and members of her crew. The visit preceded Lizzo’s concert at The Sylvee in Madison, and resulted in one lucky pup finding a new home!

Poke (pronounced Pokey) now has a new home with one of Lizzo’s crew members. The Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin writes:

Some very lucky Underdog puppies had the opportunity to hang out with Lizzo before her show at The Sylvee yesterday. And we’re pleased to report that Saba, now Poke (pictured here) was adopted by a member of her crew!

Enjoy that Bling-Bling lifestyle Poke 💖

The Sylvee music venue also took to social media to announce the adoption:

As you may have seen, Lizzo met with some puppers from Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin, Inc. before their show last night. We’d like to report that her team has officially added Poke to the Girl Gang and have adopted her! ❤️

Please visit to see their adoptable animals and donate.

Congratulations Poke! Find more pets for adoption at this link to the rescue group.

(Image via Facebook)

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