Sad senior landlord said she had to go

Sad senior – homeless after landlord said she had to go

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A sad senior dog finds herself at the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin after her family surrendered their pets because of a new landlord who said they had to go. On Thursday, the animal shelter shared the 11-year-old dog’s plight on Facebook:

Hello, my name is Punkin. I am an 11-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer and I have spent the last nine years in a home with my family. After they moved, their new landlord said they could no longer have me or my cat siblings.

Punkin must be terribly confused and there is no doubt that her heart is broken. The senior dog does not understand how or why she is at the shelter, and she is undoubtedly missing her people.

The shelter added:

I am already house trained and I know basic commands. My dad said my favorite place to be when he was gone was in his recliner. If you are looking for a wonderful companion or maybe even an alarm clock, stop by the shelter today and meet me. I can’t wait to go back home.

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Find the shelter’s website here.

Facebook thread for Punkin here.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I will never understand why, if you have pets that you love, you would move to a place that wound’t allow you to keep your pets! I know finding a pet friendly apartment or house can be a challenge but it CAN be done! This is NOT a valid excuse to me, I would live in my car before I took my pets to a shelter and just dumped them! Prayers Punkin finds a loving family that won’t ever do this to her again! I wish I had the resources to take all the ones this happens to and show them what love for the rest of their lives is! They don’t deserve this!


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