Man arrested for fatal shooting of veteran's therapy dog

Man arrested for fatal shooting of veteran’s therapy dog

A New Jersey man has been arrested for the fatal shooting of a veteran’s therapy dog. As reported by NBC 10 News, 64-year-old William Stroemel was arrested and is facing multiple charges, including: unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, animal cruelty, certain persons not to have firearms and hindering apprehension/concealing evidence.

Stroemel is accused of shooting a poodle mix named Toby on September 17. Toby belonged to Bob Cook, a veteran who relied on his companion for help with depression and PTSD.

Toby had slipped out of Cook’s Maple Shade home on the evening of September 17 – a short time later, the small dog was howling in pain. Cook told the news agency, “I saw him laying in the street. I picked him up with my bum leg and all and I ran back to the house. I said we had to get him to the vet.”

But the damage to the dog’s skull was done and little Toby could not be saved. Veterinarians pulled a pellet from Toby’s skull during a necropsy – police were able to match the pellet to an air rifle which had been in Stroemel’s possession at the time of the shooting.

Stroemel was taken to the Burlington County Jail.

Prior article about this shooting here.

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  1. Larry says:

    What a total scumbag. Take that pellet rifle and shove it up his ass. Then take him out to the woods, find a good tree stump, nail his balls to the stump and push him over backwards. No mercy. You other veterans in his area can also probably find some creative ways to deal with this SOB. Go for it.


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