Intruder detained by family dog

Home invader ‘detained’ by family dog

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A man who invaded a home in Tempe, Arizona, was detained by the family dog. As reported by AZ Family, the hero of the day is Sammy, who detained 25-year-old Erich Paul Manion after he forcefully shoved his way into a home in the early morning hours on April 28.

Manion pushed Sammy’s owner over before being cornered on a couch by the barking and growling dog. Once Manion was seated, Sammy held him at bay until the police arrived.

Manion, who admitted that he had been drinking and taking meth, tried to tell the authorities that he was running away from someone who had broken into his own home – but the police checked out his story and found it to be ‘completely fictional.’

Manion was arrested and taken to the Tempe City Jail. He has a history of running on the wrong side of the law with a menagerie of charges including domestic battery, disorderly conduct, fighting and more.

Good boy Sammy!

(Image of Manion via screenshot AZ Family)

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