Ignored as he suffered

He was ignored as he suffered, but now he is finally free

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For an unknown period of time, an ailing dog suffered in silence on the streets of Houston, Texas. Eventually, the severe maladies weakened the dog enough that he sought shelter beneath a house...too weak to get up again.

Finally help arrived for the stricken dog – he was rescued and taken under the wing of Chip N Snip, a rescue organization from Highland, Texas. The animal welfare agency dubbed the dog Ryker, and provided him with emergency, round-the-clock veterinary care.

But the longstanding neglected and unaddressed health issues had already taken a deadly toll. On Sunday night, a few short days after the ailing dog was finally rescued, the non-profit agency broke news of Ryker’s passing to Facebook fans:

It is with the greatest sorrow we share this.

Ryker’s doctor went to check on him, and when they went to take his vitals they found he had passed away.

We don’t know why this path was chosen for Ryker. It saddens us deeply. Maybe he was meant to be the face that finally makes a difference and brings change to the city.


Maybe he was meant to be the one who unites us.

We will all mourn this boy heavily. He will be in our hearts for the rest of our lives.
Make his life count. Take part in the fight for the changes these poor animals need.

Rest easy Ryker…you deserved to be seen and loved. You were failed.

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Image via Facebook/Chip N Snip

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4 replies
  1. Pennys dachshunds says:

    This is SO Wrong!!! Our Country is going steadily down Hill and We as Citizens and Law
    enforcement have allowed this Treatment of our Companion Animals to continue to grow worse and worse with NO Accountability!!!

  2. dinosmom says:

    Thank you so much for trying to save him. At least the poor little guy did not die on the streets.
    Shame on anyone who passed by this poor little pup as he suffered. I carry extra towels and leashes in my car in case I see something like this because I won’t pass it by. His life mattered.


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