Woman arrested for choking dog

Woman arrested after video shows her choking complacent dog

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A Florida woman was arrested, charged, and she lost her dogs after a viral video alerted the authorities to animal cruelty. As reported by WFLA News, 26-year-old Michelle Sieber, of Tarpon Springs, was tracked down and arrested after a video surfaced of her choking a complacent dog who was walking with her on a leash.

The video, which was shared widely on social media, shows Sieber walking with a docile dog who she repeatedly chokes by pulling upwards on the leash – pulling the dog’s front legs off of the ground. At several times during the video, the dog appears to be gasping for air.

** Thank you for all the support! For those who would have choose the violent route I understand your frustration. However documenting is key to a habitual offender. The link below confirms her booking into the Pinellas county jail. https://iontb.com/woman-arrested-after-video-released-of-her-abusing-a-dog-in-tarpon-springs/Great job everyone!*** Update she has been found and the dogs are safe. Great job TSPD!! Thanks everyone for your help.******** Update this was reported to local authorities by me early this morning. They have identified the woman in this video earlier on. Tarpon Springs Police Department was extremely supportive and started an investigation. Please don’t incriminate yourselves with violence. That is a short term reaction to what seems to be a long term problem. With this video hopefully we can put a stop to it. To my knowledge they have not located her or the vehicle yet but I will keep everyone posted. Thank you.*******Tarpon friends please share if you see the van let me know where or call Tarpon Springs Police Department****Who do I call to report animal abuse?

Posted by Vincent Minutello on Friday, September 20, 2019

Towards the end of the video, the man filming approaches the woman and asks her to go “a bit easier” on the dog, and he tells her to stop treating the dog badly. She laughs and seems baffled that “pulling on his collar” is bad. The man informs her that she is choking and hanging him – allegations which she denies. She then tries to give the man her dog, saying “you can have him if you want him.”

Police have charged Sieber with felony animal cruelty – she was taken to the Pinellas County Jail and her dogs were seized.

(Screenshot via video from Facebook)

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5 replies
  1. Gens says:

    Don’t even wait for her to go to court, adopt her dogs out to a new good home now , or make sure the cost is too high in case she tries to get them back.

  2. Diana Rowell says:

    Michelle Sieber and her mother NEED TO BE CHOKED OUT UNTIL DEAD! I’m sick and tired of these sadistic ass wipes making EXCUSES for their ABUSIVE behavior. Let me be VERY clear: JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN THROUGH A HARD TIME DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO CHOKE OUT A LIVING BEING…PERIOD! Whoever started this crap of thinking it’s okay to abuse a child or an animal because of HARD times is DEMON spawned for PUKES like Michelle and her arrogant mother to use as a reason to HARM an INNOCENT with NO VOICE! If this bitch can STRANGLE WITH NO REMORSE a dog, SHE CAN DO IT TO HER LITTLE GIRL. STATISTICS back that up 100%.

  3. M says:

    No Anumial should never ever be abused. I get very sick when my dog gose too the Groomers I water & water for her I couldn’t even sit down I’m a great they might hurt her or even kill her. I love my dog so much I talk too her. I rescue her from a dirty cage as a pup.


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