Friendly dog has shut down

Friendly dog has grown depressed – Scooby is shut down and has lost hope

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Not long ago, a handsome dog named Scooby was described as friendly and happy – but his time without a home has taken a toll, and now he is shut down and sad. On Friday, a heartbreaking image of Scooby was posted to Facebook with equally sad words about this homeless dog’s loss of hope:

This is one of the saddest pictures I have ever taken. This is Scooby, a beautiful fellow at the Bitter Root Humane Association.. he is a wonderful, friendly, happy (until lately) pit.

The photographer adds:

He loves children, adults and other dogs. Not good with cats. He is beginning to shut down…wouldn’t even acknowledge us wanting to give him a treat today Please, please someone give him a chance, a loving, forever home that he so badly deserves.

Imagine being a loving dog who longs for human touch – but being confined to a kennel run. Imagine the heartbreak and confusion that must bring…this is Scooby’s reality and it has taken a toll. Please share Scooby’s information and help him find the family he is longing for.

Location: Scooby is at the Bitter Root Humane Association in Montana

Find the adoptable dogs (including Scooby) at this link to the shelter website.

Contact Information
262 Fairgrounds Road
PO Box 57, Hamilton, MT 59840
+1 406-363-5311

(Image via Facebook)

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