Four dogs missing

Four dogs missing after woman accepts money to transport them for a rescue

Four dogs are missing after a woman allegedly accepted money to transport them for a Florida rescue agency. As reported by NBC 2 News, Paola Mariaca was paid over $1200 to transport the dogs for Helping Paws 22 – Mariaca was supposed to take the dogs, who had been pulled from death row, to an adoption partner in Iowa.

But the dogs never arrived and Mariaca isn’t talking. According to the news agency, the paid transporter alleges that she was only supposed to transport the dogs to Vero Beach, and she claims that she has proof of where they are. When the news agency asked for the proof, Mariaca fell silent.

The rescue group has stated that the dogs are all microchipped, and they have been reported as stolen – where they are right now is a complete mystery. The woman who allegedly “lost” them has a history of fraudulent behavior. As reported by NBC 2, in the past she has been charged with credit card theft, grand theft in the 2nd degree and organized fraud.

One of the 4 missing dogs

(Screenshots via NBC 2 News)

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5 replies
  1. Larry says:

    Lock her ass up. Don’t give her anything to eat or drink until she tells authorities where those dogs are. Give me 15 minutes with her and I will find out where they are and/or what happened to them. Just look at her expression and you can easily see what a piece of garbage she is. No mercy.

    • Bunny Peters says:

      You said it…… this POS needs to explain exactly what happened to those 4 dogs….. Clear to me she has a reserved spot in Hell waiting where she will burn forever for her cruelty…….

  2. Pennysdachshunds says:

    FLORIDA!!! Why IN THE HELL WOULD THEY NOT MAKE SURE THIS “Evil Criminal Minded ” LOW LIFE wasn’t a Felon, OR had Abuse Issues ???? This is beyond my Rational Thinking Mode!!!! Here those little animals were to have a Second Chance at Life and They More Than Likely are DEAD!!! I Hope hat Particular RESCUE I SANCTIONED !!!!

  3. Debbie Molina says:

    I just pray the dogs are okay. She’s guilty as hell of something. She probably sold them as bait dogs which makes me sick. Don’t groups do background checks on transporters?


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