Tiger attack

Founder of wildlife sanctuary hospitalized after tiger attack

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The founder of an Arizona wildlife sanctuary was hospitalized after a tiger attack on Monday. The Keepers of the Wild released information about the unexpected mauling, explaining that Jonathan Kraft had entered the habitat of 11-year-old Bowie on Monday afternoon during a torrential rainstorm to allow the big cat to enter an area safe from the elements.

The sanctuary recounted the unexpected reaction from the tiger:

Jonathan made the decision to shift Bowie’s gates to allow him access to his den box area. During the process, the usually docile behaving Bowie exhibited unusual conduct by suddenly pushing the gates prior to Jonathan being able to secure the safety clips. Animal Care staff rushed to assist Jonathan and remove him from the tiger’s grip. Although Bowie lacks front claws, he took advantage of his strong teeth to hold onto Jonathan.

Though the cat was declawed by the person who previously owned him as a pet, he was still able to injure Kraft with his teeth. According to the sanctuary, the attack resulted in two broken bones and “multiple wounds,” which will require several months to recuperate from.

The sanctuary assured Facebook fans that Bowie is “fine” and that he will not be euthanized because of the accident.

Kraft commented on the attack:

“There are many photographs showing me having close contact with a variety of animals when they were young or ones that I had raised. Those are from ‘the old days’. Close contact with wild exotic and native species has not been a practice in many years. My accident with Bowie was my fault. I was concerned for his welfare and did not stay focused on him. It only takes a fraction of a second for a captive wild animal to revert to their instinctual behavior. These situations occur when there is human error.”

Keepers of the Wild is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of abused, neglected, abandoned and retired captive wildlife. Through education and public awareness, we seek to alleviate all animals suffering and help eliminate use of wild animals as pets and their exploitation in entertainment. Keepers of the Wild provides a permanent home and true sanctuary to all the animals it rescues.
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