Following social media outrage, man explains why dog is in cage on his vehicle

Owner explains dog in cage on car
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A Michigan man at the heart of social media outrage has offered an explanation as to why his dog has been spotted multiple times in a cage on top of his vehicle. As reported by WWJ News Radio, the owner of the black and white dog has explained that his dog is only inside of the cage when he parks his SUV.

The images posted to social media are drawing a good deal of criticism – especially since many of the people assume that the car is in motion when the dog is in the cage on top of the vehicle.

One angry person on Facebook wrote:

“Someone needs to stop this jackass for one it’s too flipping hot out and that cage is to small for that poor dog! Tees me off!! Let the dog out of the cage!!”

But the unnamed owner of the dog told the authorities that his dog is his “constant companion,” so when he makes a stop to eat or shop, the dog hops into the cage that is secured on top of his car. The police in White Lake Township, Michigan, have investigated on more than one occasion, and they discovered that the dog is not distressed, and each time he has been found with access to water.

Though people want the dog’s owner to be charged, the police have stated, “There’s no law that stipulates he can’t place the dog into a kennel.”

What do you think? Is it cruel to put a dog into a cage or crate outside of a parked vehicle? Feel free to comment below.

(Screenshot via WWJ News Radio)

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  1. I leave my horses in their paddocks and my dogs and cats home when I go out…… I know that my furbabies are more comfortable in their familiar surroundings. When I get home is when the fun begins!!!

  2. What do I think? You don’t leave your dog in a kennel on top of your car in the hot sun! This man is an idiot, and the police letting him get away with it are just as bad!

  3. This douchebag needs to put this needs first. Putting he/she into a kennel in the hot sun isn’t putting the dogs needs first that putting this douchebags needs first.
    If your furbaby can’t go inside with you don’t take them.
    They are asking what is cruel about this being in a create… this cruel part is think about it on top of a car in the sun.

  4. Water or not in the hot sun is stupid!!! Michigan needs to change its laws!! His constant companion well I guess if he was a human he’d leave it in the car?? NO… Find a person to hang with and leave the dog home!!!!!! Cops are stupid up there!!

  5. Well now that its been explained it is better than leaving him in a locked car in the hot sun.I would think if the police saw gim driving with the dog in the crate on top it wold be a totally different matter.

  6. Why can’t he just leave the dog a home so he is not being cooked by the sun while the man is doing “his business”
    … this is ridiculous …. I offend someone for wearing certain clothing but this idiot can put a dog in a cage on top if his car… yah like that is better… Well this offends me… It needs to be stopped….


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