Kids accused of beating young cat to death

Family’s young cat allegedly beaten to death by kids

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A few days ago, a Pennsylvania family’s young cat was allegedly beaten to death by kids. As reported by 6 ABC News, the authorities in Darby are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Muu, who belonged to the Wall family.

Jamie Walls’ 7-year-old daughter claims that she saw her one-year-old cat being held by the neck and shaken in a neighbor’s yard. Walls told the news agency, “He was beaten. He was hung up like a piñata and beat.” The grievously injured young cat was found beneath a deck – Walls describes his last moments alive, “He looked like he was dying. He was just blinking and he was looking like ‘Mom. Where were you?'”

Though Muu’s family rushed him to a veterinary hospital, he could not be saved. A necropsy is being done on the cat’s body to determine the exact cause of death. Humane Society police officer Ron Riggle has stated that the case is being taken seriously. The kids accused of being involved range in age from 9 to 12 years.

(Screenshot of Muu via ABC 6 News)

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4 replies
  1. Whitney says:

    THEY BETTER TAKE THIS SHIT SERIOUSLY!!!! DONT LET THE LITTLE PUNKS GET AWAY WITH THIS, NOT EVEN A LITTLE. if they think they can bet away with it then they wiil most likely do it again (or even worse). And to do that in front of the cats 7year old owner….then to put it back under their deck, thats sooooo messed up!!!! SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF THEM HOLD THEM IN A JAIL CELL FOR 5 hours and make them do 500 hrs community service.
    You need to punish those punk kids so they will know that WHAT THEY DID WAS NOT RIGHT!!

    I hope the kids know what love is!! If the kids enjoyed it thats so disturbing and sad!! But not as sad as MUU’S story though!!!!

  2. Jan Barnes says:



  3. Bunny Peters says:

    Pure Evil…….. ALL who participate in such cruelty will burn in Hell forever for their cruelty……..

    If this precious little treasure was my furbaby, I would be in jail and those future serial killers in the morgue (and burning in Hell)…….


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