Loyal dog stayed with deceased owner after deadly fall

Devoted dog never left deceased owner’s side after deadly fall

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On Friday, members of Washington’s Pierce County Sheriff’s Department spent hours searching for a missing 64-year-old man who disappeared during an outing with his dog. The man’s wife contacted the authorities to report that her husband, and his dog, Daisy, were missing – her only clue was internet searches indicating that he had been looking up geocaching in the Evans Creek area.

Search and Rescue teams set out to find the duo and eventually discovered his car late afternoon on Mashell Prairie Road near Eatonville. The Sheriff’s Department wrote:

Deputies entered the man’s vehicle and located a list of geocache locations; our Search & Rescue Team made maps of the locations and set out on foot to each spot to look for the man. One hour later, the newest member of our Search & Rescue Team heard the sound of a dog barking as he was searching his mapped location.

The deputy followed the dog’s barking until spotting a dog who matched Daisy’s description up a “very steep embankment” above the river. The deputy made his way through thick woods and brush until reaching the dog – it was there that he also discovered the body of the missing man, who appeared to have died from injuries sustained in a fall.

The sheriff’s department noted that it was a “very sad end to a tough search,” but commended the deputies and volunteers for their efforts to find the missing man and his dog. The department also acknowledged Daisy’s part in the search effort, writing:

Without the barking of his loyal companion Daisy, we never would have located the missing man. It was amazing.

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Final good-bye

This makes my dogs break into song!

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  1. Luana Duncan says:

    Thank goodness for Daisy!! Now that’s true loyalty! She is a hero! Although, her Dad had died, they wouldn’t have found him without Daisy! I hope her Mom is taking good care of her!


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