Advocates outraged: Lost dog dead shortly after he was brought to shelter

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Animal welfare advocates are outraged and heartbroken after a lost dog was taken in at an Animal Care Center in New York City, and dead before his mandatory stray hold was up. On the Facebook page, Queens Lost and Found Pets, an informational post was created on behalf of the senior dog, who was found on September 10:

Name: Gaston
*Please keep in mind the name of the animal given by care center workers at intake may not match your pets name, especially if found as a stray with no source of identification.
Animal ID 75373
Type Dog
Sex Male
Spayed / Neutered Unknown
Color White / Gray
Age 9 Yrs
Found Location Nearest Cross Street:101 Street
Liberty Avenue
Breed Small Mixed Breed Cross
Date Found 9/10/2019
Animal Identification
Animal ID: 75373

On the same lost and found page, someone indicated that the small dog’s owner was found…but there would be no happy reunion because the little dog was dead before his owner could get to the shelter. Queens Lost and Found Pets wrote:


While there are no details outlining how the dog died, most of the advocates surmise that he was euthanized:

The Facebook page, Must Love Dogs – Saving NYC Dogs, had initially created a post (on September 10) to help the senior dog find a rescue or adopter, but the post was updated a short time later to reflect that Gaston was gone:

KILLED 9/10/2019 by NYC ACC 

Most adorable little Gaston was found as a stray, is said to be 16 YEARS old, & is now waiting for his new retirement home & your TLC at the NYC ACC. Inquire about him now before it is too late!


On the animal care center website, the policy for stray dog holding periods reads:

ACC is committed to reuniting lost and found pets with their families. We take in lost and found pets and stray animals every day (except holidays) at our care centers from 8 AM-8 PM at our Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island (see our hours and locations). All lost and found pets are held for 72 hours in order to provide you time to come find them or for us reunite them with their families. If no one claims them as their own after 72 hours, the animal gets released to the shelter and evaluated for placement.

Advocates are demanding to know why this dog was put down before his owner could come in to retrieve him. Why was the 72 hour stray hold not applied in this case? Stray holds are in place to allow people who are searching for their pets time to find and retrieve them…what happened this time?

Sadly there are more questions than answers, with the only certainty being that this little dog is gone. Rest in peace Gaston.

Note: An email has been sent to the animal care center for answers to these questions. When and if someone responds, this article will be updated.

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3 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    You just can’t fix stupid…….
    Gaston/Mr. Magoo was picked up and brought to the shelter the same day his owner filed “lost dog” paperwork???
    Why didn’t anyone check incoming animals against this “lost dog” paperwork before labeling the dog as a “stray”???
    Yet the shelter was able to notify the owner that they were holding his dog???
    But they euthanized the dog anyway BEFORE the 3 day “stray hold”???
    Something is very wrong……. VERY stupid people at this shelter……. Soneone should be terminated over this disgusting incident!!!
    Agreed that all pets should be microchipped. But not all microchips are “readable” by all shelters and vet offices (& there have been cases where animals were id’d by their microchips & euthanized anyway due to complete idiots working in the shelter)………
    Rather than blaming the owner, that shelter needs to answer some tough ?’s:
    1) why aren’t incoming animals checked against “lost pet” paperwork on file???
    2) why wasn’t the owner contacted immediately???
    3) if the shelter knew they had the missing animal, why was he euthanized???
    RIP Gaston/Mr. Magoo, you were failed by humans in every way possible……….
    Precious treasure Gaston/Mr. Magoo, your life mattered. I hope you get justice. I absolutely know that you are in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends………..

  2. Jose says:

    I’m proud to see so many advocates come out for Mr. Magoo. But I also think that the owners should have been spoken to before this was released. Not all the information is out there and people are coming to their own conclusions. Unfortunately the dog was euthanized but circumstances leading to that are still unclear. The owners are in contact with other animal advocates and updates will be posted on Facebook. Also please understand that this is a difficult time for the owners as Mr. Magoo was not just a dog but a family member and has been with his family for a long time.


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