Three dogs dead after being left in hot ‘oven’

Dogs dead after being left in hot oven
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Three dogs are dead, and three surviving dogs are receiving care, after a man allegedly left them to die in a hot “oven.” The dogs were left inside of a virtual oven on wheels for over 11 hours and their owner, 41-year-old Carmine Dapruzzo is facing animal cruelty charges as a result.

What happened?

Police officers in Suffolk County, New York, were alerted to the situation early Tuesday morning – responding officers found three dead Rottweilers locked in cages that were inside of a 1998 Ford Explorer which was parked on Montauk Highway in Shirley, reported Fox News.

Three dogs who had not perished were taken to the Brookhaven Town Animal Shelter  to be evaluated and treated. As reported by Patch New York, it is hot enough in the area that heat advisories have been issued; officers who responded to the vehicle discovered that it was not running.  Roy Gross of the Suffolk County SPCA said, “Never leave your animals unattended in a car in these temperatures. The car becomes an oven in a matter of minutes, even with the windows — a few minutes is a death sentence, especially in temperatures like we’re seeing now.”

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  1. So there were 6 dogs in that 1998 Explorer in cages? They must have been crammed in there like sardines to begin with!. What is wrong with this man? What is wrong with people that leave their dogs in hot cars to begin with?

  2. U son of a bitch what an evil asshole u are u should die & be tortured in the hot oven & cooked to death ???? I hope u suffer & horrible death asap bg

  3. Put him in the same van in a crate and see if he survives that many hours he gave those dogs. What does someone have 6 rottweilers in cages in his van? Who normally has that many dogs unless he is using them for profit for himself. Hope they make him pay for the treatment of the other dogs and serve time in jail too.

  4. Dumb Fuck! I’d like to lock your useless ass in a car in this heat with the windows rolled up. The result wouldn’t be a great loss

  5. OUT here in The WEST ( as far East and North ) I have been is DC!! I always thought of the residents there somewhat “upper crust” and a letter better than us average Joe’s … Holy Shit more than 80% appear to be Off the scale Evil and “BAT_SHIT_CRAZY Scum that thrive on abuse and torture… The Legal System in NEW YORK NEEDS TO BE overhauled… But Please don’t have Trump do it… He IS NOT AN ANIMAL PERSON I take it!!! DIRTY! DIRTY!!! and not appropriate for gold fixtures and white carpet!!! HELLO!!!!

  6. This hunk of human trash Carmine Deprazzo deserves a dose of his own medicine – locked in a blazing hot car in a cage – left to cook to death – he deserves no less BUT of course, little to nothing will happen to him – not with the lousy judicial system for animals in this country – he will get a slap on the hand and walk away – hopefully, to encounter an 18 wheeler on his way out of court – being splattered all over the road is what would be justice for his cruelty.

  7. These animal torturing monsters who leave their helpless dog or dogs in hot cars where they eventually die in agony from heat stroke must be jailed for life or put to death. Why should these heartless and callous monster live when they have deliberately or not even cared about those precious and innocent sentient beings slowly being cooked alive in their fucking cars and have died a horrible and agonising death because of their vile and evil heartless sadism. I would kill them all by making these monsters die in agony. An eye for an eye.
    RIP all the precious and innocent dogs that have suffered an agonising death BECAUSE OF THE SUBHUMAN MONSTERS WHO COULDN’T CARE A SHIT.


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