Man torments neighbor’s dogs spraying them with unknown liquid

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A disgruntled neighbor in Orange Park, Florida facing felony animal cruelty charges after deputies allege he sprayed an unknown liquid at his neighbor’s three dogs.

According to News4Jax, Timothy Joseph Costello, 54, was seen tormenting the dogs through a fence that separated Costello’s backyard with the yard where the dogs lived on Aries Drive. The deputy’s report stated Costello was  told to immediately stop spraying the dogs. A witness called authorities after he had seen Costello spraying the dogs with a fluid from a pump sprayer.

When the deputy was called back a second time, he could hear the dogs barking again. The owner of the dogs stated this had been an ongoing issue. Costello was later arrested  and accused of torturing an animal with the intent to inflict intense pain.

This is a developing story, and it is not known what the liquid contained that had been sprayed at the dogs nor if the dogs were injured.

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  1. I’d like to wipe that self-satisfied smirk off his fat face. Will he get any meaningful punishment? Probably not. Please update us on the condition of those dogs!

  2. Sick, stupid thing. Did he not think the police would be called, and why do this? Dogs barking too much. Would love to know why he did what he did. No justification for it, but the owner of the dogs must have an ongoing thing with him. There may come a day when he throws some type of poisoned laced food into the yard for the dogs to eat, then he could very well be serving time in jail.

  3. Bastard! Hope they find out what he was spraying on them pronto! Gas, bleach maybe? POS should be locked up with people who don’t like animal abusers.

  4. What you do .. is whatever he used on the dogs. Spray on this POS. If it’s anything dangerous … I’m sure he’ll start screaming like a little bitch for help

  5. Maybe IT WOULD BE BENEFICIAL TO SPRAY THE PUTRID PRICK with his OWN SPRAY 4 or 5 times a day to see his reaction!!

  6. I too would love to wipe that smirk of the face of Timothy Joseph Costello – with the use of a lead pipe. He is a vile hunk of trash who took his frustration out on innocent animals – prime example of a spineless coward. Please keep us updated on the dog’s condition – I hope they are OK – they need protection from this coward – he is a danger to these dogs.


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